Flori Ioneti

Flori Ioneti

Together with Nik, Natalia and Veronika, Flori is part of the Recruitment department. Because of her Romanian origin, Flori is able to speak to our Romanian employees perfectly and give them the home feeling they deserve when they come to work at Haldu Groep. In addition, she knows exactly how and where she can recruit […]

Eva Nillessen

Arranging good housing requires a good team. Reason for us to add Eva to the Housing department. Together with Imke and Inge, Eva is responsible for arranging housing for our foreign employees and together they ensure that employees feel at home in the Netherlands. A big job, but one that ensures a lot of satisfaction […]

Marleen Bergervoet

With an accurate and solution-oriented financial controller, comes an assistant of the same stature. Which we have found in Marleen Bergervoet! Thanks to her secure and loyal character, she is a welcome reinforcement for the department and helps to ensure that the management is provided with the correct information in a timely manner. Marleen has […]

Freek Peters

Freek is our newest account manager in the Housing department. His most important task is to bring in suitable accommodations for our foreign employees. In addition, checking the current housing locations and our permanent homes is also part of his responsibilities. A nice challenge, but with his experience of enthusiasm, Freek does not shy away […]

Renate Snellink

What is a payroll administrator without her assistants? Renate is one of Tilly’s assistants and she takes care of the checking and processing of salary transactions, the invoicing towards our clients and the timely and correct payment of the salaries of all our employees. Renate is very clear on the question what makes her work […]

Victoria Hagiu

Victoria is the newest addition to the Haldu Groep team of jobcoaches. She is originally from Romania and as a jobcoach she will mainly have contact with our Romanian craftsmen. Despite the fact that Vicky, as we have quickly christened her, has not been working at Haldu Groep for so long, she thinks that the […]

Tilly Ariëns

Tilly is the newest addition to the Administration department. She is responsible for the complete processing of worked hours. She also takes care of the remuneration of all our employees and arranges the invoicing to the clients. In addition, Tilly is the project leader of a new software package that’s going to be implemented, which […]

Imke Hoefakker

Imke’s main task is to find housing for our foreign employees. The best thing about her work is the challenge to provide every employee with satisfactory housing every week. And then preferably in the vicinity of the building site. The climax is on Friday afternoon around 16.30. When everything is complete, Imke goes home with […]