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When recruiting and selecting professionals to work in the construction, automotive and engineering industries, everything is based on personal and professional contact with the Haldu Groep team. The team consists of different kinds of specialists. We will introduce them briefly here. Click on any person to see direct contact details.

Your personal coordinator

Personal contact at the construction site, but also individual contact with your own personal coordinator through which the communications is clear and via short lines. This promotes your employee satisfaction… experience it yourself at Haldu Groep.

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Always well arranged

  • Personal guidance

    From the first introductions and the first day at the job to the final evaluation on the project.

  • Punctual payment

    We pay you on time, every week. Nice right?

  • Trained to be a pro

    Haldu Groep trains you to be a recognized professional.

  • The best clients

    On behalf of Haldu Groep you work for A-brand companies. Good for your resume!

Haldu Team

Work coaches

Donna Kaal

Donna has been working for Haldu Groep since 2008, making her the longest working jobcoach in the organization. Donna has been working with us for 10 years, so she knows all of the day-to-day runnings of Haldu Groep. With her years of experience, knowledge and her Haldu Heart, she knows exactly how to recruit and select, ie finding, binding and connecting our employees. In addition, she perfectly utilizes her knowledge and experience to manage new colleagues, which means that we still have a good, hard-working team of jobcoaches to this day. Her work is her passion and that is what you see in everything she does.

Carmen Thijssen

“Let’s take the bull by the horns”, that is Carmen’s motto in life. And if you were to look up the saying “got to hit the ground running” in the dictionary, it’s accompanied with a picture of Carmen. Because of that we are proud that Carmen is part of our team of jobcoaches. And because of her unique way of working, she not only convinces new candidates to come and work for us, but for our employees, Carmen is their tower of strength.

Britt van Doorn

Britt is a real go-getter and never loses her good spirit. This mental state and her eager attitude make her an indispensable jobcoach in the department. She is always ready for her employees and does not shy away from any problem. Her solution-oriented attitude makes her a real approacher. Thanks to her many years of hospitality experience in a restaurant, she knows exactly what to do and she uses this strength perfectly as a jobcoach. Britt knows how our employees think, so she knows exactly how she should be there for them.

Sjaron Jenneskens

Sjaron has a background as a pedagogical scientist and because of that she knows how to fully empathize with our employees. The social aspect of people is what drives her and therefore she perfectly fits within the team of jobcoaches. She likes to build a bond with her employees and through her empathy and good listening ear she tries to provide new candidates with the perfect job. With her eager learning attitude, she doesn’t back away from anything and Sjaron has taken the SEU exam in a fairly short time, so she can talk with the candidates even better.

Patrycja Haldu Groep
Patrycja Ziolkowska

Creating clarity among our Polish employees, that is what Patrycja finds important in her work. Because she comes from Poland herself, she knows how difficult communication and finding the right words can be at times. Her goal is to instruct employees in the right way, so that misunderstandings can be prevented and employees know exactly what is expected of them. This way Patrycja not only leaves a good first impression of Haldu Groep, but because communication is in Polish, our Polish employees feel familiar and they can always contact us with questions.

victoria hagiu
Victoria Hagiu

Victoria is the newest addition to the Haldu Groep team of jobcoaches. She is originally from Romania and as a jobcoach she will mainly have contact with our Romanian craftsmen. Despite the fact that Vicky, as we have quickly christened her, has not been working at Haldu Groep for so long, she thinks that the diversity in her work is great. For Vicky it is currently the biggest challenge to be a support and a refuge for her Romanian employees. In addition, no challenge is too crazy and she always goes for the highest possible. Vicky has a degree in civil engineering education at both bachelor and master level.

Sales and Support

Ewout Visser

Every sales problem is a challenge for Ewout, because this Haldu Man in heart and soul strives for the ultimate satisfaction of our customers every day. For both new and existing clients, in all layers of an organization, he lays his ear to turn the requirements and wishes into a successful job placement. Every day, from dawn until dusk, Ewout is on his way to the client, filled with motivation and enthusiasm.

Robbert Muller

Robbert is someone who does not shy away from a challenge. If he has to, he puts all his time and energy into his work to achieve the best results. He quickly changed positions within Haldu Groep and has been one of our account managers for some time now. Robbert started as a field service employee and, if necessary, still drives a bus to start-up and guide new employees. No job is too much for him and he likes to take advantage of all the opportunities.

Konrad Maciorowski

Konrad has been working with Haldu Groep since March 2017. He brings several years of experience and is a real reinforcement for our enthusiastic team. As an account manager Konrad focuses on achieving two goals each day: an appropriate job placement and a pleasant cooperation. Konrad is result driven and responds to the market changes and wishes of the customer in the blink of an eye. He is a real networker and does not hesitate to provide his network with information, support and cooperation. With this method Konrad receives a lot of appreciation from customers.

Robin van Gemert

His decisive and solution-oriented attitude make Robin a valuable asset for the sales team. He strives to act as quickly as possible so that he can inform his customers on time about the state of affairs. Day in and day out, he invests as much time as possible in his customers in order to build the best relationships with them. For example, he wants to tie the knot on existing relationships and bring in new ones to ensure that Haldu Groep becomes number 1 for that client. A goal that Robin can perfectly realize.

Willeke Koldewijn

The always good-humored Willeke is the fierce lioness in a pride of sales lions. As the supporting factor on this department, she ensures that all administrative actions are carried out correctly and on time. Her strength? The combination of humor and distinctness. Every day, between the every day activities, the best jokes pass by which creates a cozy atmosphere. But when it comes to work, she is deadly serious. All work must be correct and perfectly in order. Proverbically, she is the tower of strenght for the sales department. If they don’t know something or have some kind of problem, they always have ‘our Wil’!

Financial administration

Eelco Derksen
Eelco Derksen

Eelco returned to the Haldu nest after an absence of two years. He gained new experiences and ensures that the administration department will take major steps, such as in the field of digitization. As manager of this department, he is responsible not only for internal finances, but also for the correct and timely payment of all employees that Haldu Groep throughout the Netherlands. An important task for the team, because Haldu Groep has a name to keep up. In the weekend Eelco blows off steam as a coach of his kids’ football team. In the spare time that Eelco has left, he likes to take mountain bike trips.

Marleen Bergervoet

With an accurate and solution-oriented financial controller, comes an assistant of the same stature. Which we have found in Marleen Bergervoet! Thanks to her secure and loyal character, she is a welcome reinforcement for the department and helps to ensure that the management is provided with the correct information in a timely manner. Marleen has previously worked as an assistant to our controller Eelco in the past, which only makes the collaboration better. Marleen also makes time for liquidity by reminding our clients in time of the financial obligations.

tilly ariëns
Tilly Ariëns

Tilly is the newest addition to the Administration department. She is responsible for the complete processing of worked hours. She also takes care of the remuneration of all our employees and arranges the invoicing to the clients. In addition, Tilly is the project leader of a new software package that’s going to be implemented, which should make entering the worked hours of our employees a lot easier. Tilly hopes that in the period to come she will be able to set up all work in her department as efficiently as possible and thus make a positive contribution to Haldu Groep.

Steffie Janshen

The administration department has three assistant payroll administrators of which Steffie is one. Together with Audrey and Renate she is responsible for the weekly processing, checking and payment of the salaries of our employees. Her strength is characterized by her down to earth and stress-resistant attitude, which means she always manages to create peace in the department, even on days when the workload is high. Steffie is a top athlete in heart and soul. As a professional volleyball player, she has a true winner mentality and the words ‘don’t give up’ are not in her vocabulary. These personal characteristics can also be seen in her work.

Renate Snellink

What is a payroll administrator without her assistants? Renate is one of Tilly’s assistants and she takes care of the checking and processing of salary transactions, the invoicing towards our clients and the timely and correct payment of the salaries of all our employees. Renate is very clear on the question what makes her work so nice: the atmosphere in the department is very good, despite the high workload towards the end of the week. She also likes the variety in the work, no day is the same.

Demi Nillessen

Every financial controller sometimes needs help to be on time with everything. A good assistant is then worth her weight in gold. Thanks to the accuracy and punctuality of the work, Demi is a person on whom we, and you, can always count. Because of her precision and loyal attitude she is irreplaceable and indispensable on the administration.

Internal organization

Angelique van Hal

The busybody of our organization in the most positive sense of the word. Both privately and professionally she is the support of our former shareholder Hans van Hal. Where others start thinking about a possible problem, she already has the solution at hand. The internal organization is in good and reliable hands with her. She also participates in our weekly management team meetings.

Sharon Wijnhoven – Kesseler

You can always count on Sharon. She takes care of everything that has to do with calculations. Think of sick reports and the related sick pay, questions about pensions and collective labor content questions. She also dots the “i” in the correspondence with the official bodies. Sharon has contact with the inspection authorities, who check that everything is done according to the rules. Together with Angelique, she is an important pillar within the internal organization and ensures a streamlined collaboration on a daily basis.

Lars van Bergen

Lars is responsible for everything that has to do with marketing and communication within Haldu Groep. In addition to the vacancy texts, the website and the various social media channels on which we operate, Lars will do everything in his power to put Haldu Groep into the market even better. Both for clients and employees. Because, after all, we are there for personnel. Lars is social and has good and honest communication as top priorities. Fun fact: Lars plays guitar in a metal band.

Inge de Schouwer

From receptionist to taking care of housing for our foreign employees. At Haldu Groep everything is possible and therefore also for Inge. Her ambition and qualities lie more in organizing and booking accommodations and that is why she is now truly at her place within the organization. Together with Imke, Inge is responsible for the housing of our foreign employees and together they ensure that the employees feel at home in the Netherlands.

Imke Hoefakker

Imke’s main task is to find housing for our foreign employees. The best thing about her work is the challenge to provide every employee with satisfactory housing every week. And then preferably in the vicinity of the building site. The climax is on Friday afternoon around 16.30. When everything is complete, Imke goes home with a satisfied feeling. In the end, Imke’s goal is to become and remain a perfectly turning part of the Haldu Group together with her direct colleagues from the Housing department.

Freek Peters

Freek is our newest account manager in the Housing department. His most important task is to bring in suitable accommodations for our foreign employees. In addition, checking the current housing locations and our permanent homes is also part of his responsibilities. A nice challenge, but with his experience of enthusiasm, Freek does not shy away from that challenge.
Freek likes, with varying success, to play tennis, but nowadays he loves to cook for friends and family. Something that goes well for him.

Erika Egelie

Erika has taken Inge’s place and that makes her our new receptionist. Erika is no stranger to Haldu Groep, because in 2014 she joined us as an intern. With her executive secretary diploma in her pocket and her cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere, she is the perfect receptionist and we are happy that Erika is back again. You’ll often hear and see Erika, because her work consists of answering the telephone, welcoming our guests, arranging company clothing, taking care of the daily planning and scheduling VCA exams for our employees.

Ankie Nillesen

Thanks to Ankie, we are in our beautiful business building every day. Every week she takes care of our interior, so that we can work from this beautiful place for you every day.

Field service

Tom van Alfen

Next to regular issues such as guiding and supporting our employees on various projects throughout the Netherlands, Tom is a graduated Safety Expert. With him in our ranks we can take Haldu Groep to a higher level, so that our clients and employees can do their work even more safely and better. Tom is,  just like his colleagues Xander, William and Nick, the link between the various building sites and the office.

Xander Verhoeven

This happy early bird shows up at different projects every morning. For example, he helps new employees starting up, delivers tools or clothing, and discusses progress with both employers and employees. Previously Xander has was in the scaffolding business, which makes the construction industry well-known to him. In addition, he worked at Weeze Airport for 3 years, making German his second language. Because of this, he always knows exactly what our foreign employees mean, so that he can respond to them with enthusiasm.

William Westdorp

In the past couple of years, William was our all-round carpenter’s calling card for a large number of our clients. In October 2016, William joined our internal team and as a field employee. He is on the road every day to help our employees getting started and provide them with tools. Thanks to his experience as a carpenter, William is the perfect interlocutor for both employers and employees. In addition, William is not afraid to pick up his hammer if necessary and help our employees getting started.

Nick Hendriks

Nick is the youngest the field department team. Just like Xander, William and Tom, he is on construction sites every morning with a good mood to help our employees getting started or to provide them with tools or clothing. He is new to the construction industry, but due to his studious attitude and interest in the construction industry, he quickly gained that knowledge. Next to the construction industry, he can also perfectly serve the automotive branch. Nick studied at the IVA, where he gained all the knowledge from the automotive industry.


Natalia Haldu Groep
Natalia Liszka

Together with Nik and Veronika, Natalia is part of the recruitment team. With her empathy and positive attitude, she is a real asset to our recruitment team. Because of her Polish background, Natalia can obviously speak perfectly to our Polish employees and give them the feeling of home they deserve when they come to work at Haldu Groep. In addition, Natalia knows exactly how and where she can recruit Polish employees. Because of her enthusiastic and cheerful voice she knows how to bind many employees to us, which of course we are very happy with!

Nik Sanders

Enthusiasm and persuasiveness are the words that suit Nik. He works as a recruiter for the Haldu Groep and thanks to his enthusiastic and optimistic attitude he can convince a lot of skilled workers to come and work for us. Not only does he channel his enthusiasm to our employees, his female colleagues in the office are also charmed, making it a real party to work with Nik. For this function you have to be able to keep calm when it is hectic and that is precisely his strength. At busy times he can bring back peace, so he always handles things correctly and carefully.

Veronika Ormos

In February 2018 we acquired a real language expert with Veronika. She speaks no less than 5 languages: Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and German. She also follows a Dutch course so that she can also speak to our Dutch employees. Thanks to her great gift for language, Veronika can be deployed at various locations within the organization. In this way, she not only recruits Hungarian, German and Polish employees, but she is, times of troubled communcation, also perfectly deployable as support for the work coaches.


Danny Haldu Groep
Danny van Hal

Danny took over the Haldu Groep shares of his father Hans halfway through 2013 and is, together with fellow shareholder Caspar Jansen, responsible for the daily ins and outs of Haldu Groep. Together with the entire Haldu Groep team, Danny wants to be a reliable partner in personnel services in order to lift the organization to greater heights and to take a leading position in the construction, engineering and automotive industries. In his view, quality and reliability are the most important pillars.

caspar jansen avg
Caspar Jansen

Being the best supplier of personnel services, maintaining contacts with existing clients and opening new relationships are Caspar’s business challenges. Every day he is looking for opportunities to work together effectively and more efficiently so that the client can be relieved as much as possible. That is his strategic focus with which the solid foundation for Haldu Groep is laid. This, of course, in collaboration with his companion Danny and the entire team of Haldu Groep.

Hans van Hal

Hans has renounced his shares of Haldu Groep halfway through 2013, which does not mean he has said goodbye to Haldu Groep. As a background consultant, he is still in daily contact with our beautiful company, the external employees and his relations. And of course he advises the management team with advice in his own, inspiring and characteristic way, of which the organization hopes to benefit for more years to come.

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