Languages which we use: English and German

Do you work for Haldu Groep? If so, your supervisor on the building site will most probably communicate with you in English or German. It is very important that all of us can communicate well and understand each other at work, because we want to perform our tasks correctly, professionally and safely. During the recruitment process, we pay special attention to the use of at least one of these two languages. Practice shows that foreign employees who start to work for us quickly master the Dutch language through intensive cooperation with Dutch colleagues.


If you do not speak a foreign language on a communicative level, don’t hesitate to respond to one of our job offers! The recruitment process is in a couple of foreign languages, including Polish, Hungarian and Romanian. During work you can always count on the help of your personal coordinator or one of your colleagues on the building site.

Always well arranged

  • Personal guidance

    From the first introductions and the first day at the job to the final evaluation on the project.

  • Punctual payment

    We pay you on time, every week. Nice right?

  • Trained to be a pro

    Haldu Groep trains you to be a recognized professional.

  • The best clients

    On behalf of Haldu Groep you work for A-brand companies. Good for your resume!

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