Haldu Groep: certification from head to toe

As an employer, you want to hire posted employees with a peaceful mind. Safety and reliability are the most important. Therefore, we are fully certified in accordance with all applicable standards. Employers in the construction, automotive and engineering industries are guaranteed that fiscal and legal cooperation with Haldu Groep never results in any inspection or fine imposition by the tax office. In short, job placement is in line with Dutch rules and regulations, so you can benefit from work performed by employees posted by Haldu Groep safely and reliably.

SNA and NEN4400-1

Of course, Haldu Groep has the SNA quality mark based on the NEN4400-1 standard of Stichting Normering Arbeid (Association of Labour Market Regulation). Therefore, we guarantee our customers that staff administration in our company is organized correctly and that we care about timely payment of taxes and contributions. This sign of credibility protects your company against liability for unpaid taxes and social security contributions. Moreover, you are protected against high fines for cooperation with persons who are not authorized to work in the Netherlands, with an unverified identity or using a false identity. For you as an employer-user, the NEN4400-1 standard is a key element for being exempt from liability as a party using posted workers.

Safety and health protection (VCU)

VCU is an abbreviation of Veiligheids Checklist Uitzendorganisaties (Safety Checklist of the Job Placement Organizations). This checklist is a comprehensive questionnaire used by temporary work agencies as a system for analysis and scanning. Companies cooperating with Haldu Groep work based on this checklist. This is another expression of our credibility and proof that Haldu Groep values safe and healthy work. Safe for our employees and safe for you.

Certified Flex Home

The fact that we put emphasis on conducting business in a responsible manner also results from the fact that Haldu Groep correctly and responsibly deals with issues related to accommodating its employees who work on projects away from home. Good atmosphere in the place of accommodation contributes to our employees good functioning and optimal results at work. What is in the interest of our employees is also in the interest of both you and us. The ABU and NBBU Certified Flex Home quality mark conforms that we comply with accommodation standards defined in the ABU and NBBU Collective Labour Agreements for temporary employees. Additionally, we are subject to periodic inspections by an independent association that supervises compliance with these standards.

Another evidence that we are there for an employee

Haldu Groep companies are regularly inspected for proper implementation and compliance with legal provisions and regulations related to posting of temporary employees.

Always well arranged

  • Personal guidance

    From the first introductions and the first day at the job to the final evaluation on the project.

  • Punctual payment

    We pay you on time, every week. Nice right?

  • Trained to be a pro

    Haldu Groep trains you to be a recognized professional.

  • The best clients

    On behalf of Haldu Groep you work for A-brand companies. Good for your resume!

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