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We are there for personnel

When recruiting professionals for construction, engineering and automotive, everything revolves around personal and professional contact with the Haldu Group team. This team consists of a wide variety of specialists. Here we present ourselves in bird’s eye view. Click on the person of your preference and you will immediately see the right contact details.

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Ben van der Velden


“I have only been working for Haldu Groep for two months now, so I don’t really know how the company is put together. But my first impression is that Haldu Groep is well on the way. The administration is always in order. When I call the office they always make time for me. I would say: keep it up!”

Aannemingsmaatschappij Hegeman

“The exploration of eachother is now being converted into a framework agreement and thus a continuity in the cooperation.”

Patrick van Gijzen


“Working for Haldu Groep is fine! I’m very satisfied, my money is paid on time every week and if I call with problems, it will be solved immediately. I will continue to work for Haldu Groep!”


Christian Schuurman

“A group of people whom I can consult with and with whom I have a personal click. A well-organized company, although we had to get used to each other. Fortunately we had good run on a pilot project. With the framework agreement signed, we are confident about the future. Let’s make this happen!”

Jeroen de Gelder


“A reliable employer who provides temporary and clear contacts. They also have work for a longer period of time or come up with other solutions, so that the employee can almost always stay at work.”

BAM Groep

Wim de Kruijff

“We are collaborating with an enthusiastic management, who are able to translate this to their employees. They are open to innovation and are prepared to take new paths based on quality and where people always come first.”

Aad van Bakel


“My experience with Haldu Groep is very positive, always the same contact person, always a possibility to communicate. Payment in perfect order and personal involvement is still one of the most valuable assets with Haldu Groep. All in all very content with you.”

Dura Vermeer

Philip Dam

“Haldu Groep is a reliable partner for the use of flexible employees and contributes to our overall work process.”

Tamara van den Bosch

Catering employee and hostess

“The people at the Haldu Groep office are super nice! My salary is always on time. If there is anything, anything at all, it’ll be solved as quickly as possible. You will always receive a feedback!”

ERA Contour

Wesley Teunisse

“When I think of Haldu Groep, I think of a stable and reliable partner.”

Hans Streefland


“Haldu Groep is a no-nonsense employment agency, the agreements are clear, the payments always on time, they work with short lines and they take the personal preferences for the employees into account as much as possible in terms of work We have one point of contact for all matters. If I have questions, I can always go here and this prevents a lot of confusion. I have been working here for several years now and I have little reason to complain.”